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● 27/02/2017
2 videos by Mark Curran exploring the algorithmic machinery of the financial markets: Algorithmic Surrealism (2015) (EXCERPT) - a film by Mark Curran

(Single channel HD digital video, colour, sound/voiceover, 11’ (full length))
Landscaped Park (International Investment Bank)
Zuidas Global Financial District
Amsterdam, Netherlands
'Curran filmed in the new financial district of Zuidas, on the periphery of Amsterdam, global centre for algorithmic trading. Adapted from a text by former trader and financial activist, Brett Scott, examining High Frequency Trading (HFT) and how the input of human values, are excluded, the voiceover and title of the film, Algorithmic Surrealism, are inspired by Scott’s essay. The film suggests the hegemony of HFT, accounting now for most trading, and extinction of human reason—including traits such as empathy and ethics—in market decisions will only perpetuate the power relations of minority wealth in globalised capitalist systems' Helen Carey
Commissioned by NEPN (University of Sunderland, UK) & Noorderlicht Festival (the Netherlands).
Elaborating on the project, THE MARKET, addressing the functioning and condition of the global markets, Curran undertook research in Zuidas, the new Global Financial District on the periphery of Amsterdam, the Netherlands during the summer of 2015. The location for the film is a landscaped park facing one of the largest Dutch-based global banks.
Film Editor: Lidia Rossner
Film script adapted by Mark Curran from original essay by Brett Scott
Voice: Claudia Schäfer
For Allan Sekula (1951-2013)