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● 16/10/2015
Utopia Log 2

The ’seminar-part’ of BURST is staged as a talk-show in the cinema where the 3-day event BURST takes place. We have asked artist Margrethe Brekke to co-host the talkshow in character as Sir Thomas Moore – the inventor of the term Utopia. The other host is Pope Francis (as performed by research-leader Frans Jacobi).

Together Sir Thomas Moore and Pope Francis guides the audience and the invited guests through a slightly alarming discussion of global warming, sub-terreanean bursts of methane-gas, catastrophies, dark ecology and hyper-objects.

Thomas Moore is insistingly positive; utopian thought is still a possibility, the Apocalyptic Sublime is not the only option and there is a way out. The visual parts of the presentation done by Radio Hopes & Dreams is a bright anti-apocalyptic break in an otherwise quite dystopian session (see Utopia Log 3)

Utopia Log 2