2061 New York

presents a financial crisis task forced entertainment operation
Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 8:00pm |
Speyer Hall | 184 Eldridge St | New York City
Tickets starting at $10.00

After the launch of the 5th generation of Dark Pools in El Segundo, serious decay happens in the fissures of the leftover population

Benedicte Clementsen
Frans Jacobi
Discoteca Flaming Star

James K. Galbraith
Robert M Ochshorn
Sherry Vine

A performance and a book launch that will involve live music, performative readings, make-up, perfume, gold and a boatman.

Dark Pools are a form of secret, algorithmic stock trading with an increasing impact on global economics. Based on the method of 'semantic fields' generated by interviews with experts, Synsmaskinen presents a collection of stories that refract the opaque surface of the Dark Pools and shape an ambivalent territory, part fiction, part wild research.

Over the course of this three year-long preoccupation – swimming in Dark Pools and diving into their principal inaccessibility – Benedicte Clementsen, Frans Jacobi, and Discoteca Flaming Star have produced a choral pool of texts alongside the phenomena of the Dark Pools. Not by revealing their hidden powers – these platforms resemble any other stock market, except that the trades are anonymous and no information is available to the public – but by carving paths out of their infectious liquidity, investigating how these parallel structures cast enigmatic shadows onto their surroundings, our surroundings.

These are the pools of twisted fantasies that are explored in 2061 INMORAL LIDOS.

2061 INMORAL LIDOS is supported by
Norwegian Programme of Artistic Research
KMD Faculty of Art Music & Design, University of Bergen
Danish Arts Council