MACHINE perception crisis conglomerate

MACHINE conglomerate perception crisis

Welcome to the third talkshow in a series by the artistic research project Synsmaskinen!

Tonight we´ll dive into the machinic aspects of todays current crises, and also look at the methodological machinery behind the artworks produced within the project. It will as usual be a manifold of works: video, performance, music, lecture and poetry.

Drums: Super Heavy Metal (Kim Åke Furuhaug)

Mini lecture by professor Knut Ove Arntzen on the theater machine

Screening of the video Algorithmic Surrealism by Mark Curran.

Interview with Kristian Byskov (video)

Performance by Benedicte Clementsen & Frans Jacobi

Fictions by Discoteca Flaming Star, Benedicte Clementsen & Frans Jacobi

Talkshow hosts: Dante & Vergil (Åse Løvgren & Frans Jacobi)

During its 3 year research Synsmaskinen have been investigating 7 different large scale political crises:
Crisis of Perception, Crisis of Democracy/Representation, Social Crisis, Financial Crisis, Climate Crisis, Cultural/Religious Crisis, Housing Crisis

The research consists of a series of art projects, each exploring a certain aspect or manifestation of one of these crises. An important point though, is that these crises are connected and might even be understood as interconnected manifestations of the same global crisis. An important element of this crisis is the emerging machination of global systems of finance, politics and communication. As part of the investigations into various crises Synsmaskinen has been interested in how these complex and entangled systems of global governance influence and direct our daily lives.

The talkshow series are hosted by Dante & Vergil. In the Divine Comedy they were guiding the readers through hell and purgatory. This time they will guide us through the machinations of contemporary crisis.

You are all welcome!

Free entrance!